Hi, I am mariel

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved the idea of freezing a moment in time. There is something captivating and magical about a photograph, that no other form of art can quite capture. I'm inspired by some of the greats such as Sally Mann, Diane Arbus and Emmet Gowin. All of life is a series of tiny, often inconsequential moments, and giving those brief blips in time a bit of magic is my passion.

Because of this, I tend to shy away from posed photography. While I may guide the client, I feel that the true connection is found in those "in-between" times- where we let our guard down and experience all of the wonder, or happiness or even sadness that life is really about.

I would feel privileged to be a part of telling your story.


Photography + Wonder

Photography is art. It can be as serious, or playful or whimsical or honest as we need it to be.
I am here as a tool for communicating your emotions and your true experience in the world. In my life, the most memorable and remarkable times are the candid and honest connections we make with one another and the moments that surround those connections. I also aim to capture the details that sometimes slip by unnoticed. In the quickness and chaos of everyday life we don't always get to enjoy the beauty.

beauty in the ordinary

“I need to say to you. There are things in your life that only you will see, stories that only you will hear. If you don't tell them or write them down, if you don't make the picture, these things will not be seen, these things will not be heard.”